Friday April 25 , 2014
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The School District publishes a range of publications to provide information on its programs and activities. Many of these brochures give an overview of district operations, detail academic achievement, and update the community on educational happenings. Together, this brace of literature provides a comprehensive look of the Allegheny Valley School District.

At A Glance - Brief synopsis of the District, including the mission statement, enrollment numbers, and facts about each of the school’s in Allegheny Valley. 

District Newsletter - AVENEWS - Presents quarterly updates on district programs and student activities to members of the school community.

- AVENEWS Summer 2013

- AVENEWS Winter/Spring 2013

2012-13 Report Card - Information on the how the District stands with Annual Yearly Progress.  Includes PSSA scores, attendance/graduation rate, and highly qualified teachers.

2012-2013 Profile - Academic information on grading, testing, student achievement, and graduation requirements. 

2013 State of the District - Updates on high profile areas of district operations including curriculum, technology, facilities, the current budget, and No Child Left Behind information.

Celebrating Our Success...2013 - Highlights and achievements from the 2012-2013 school year.


Safety Alert
- Information on the District's safety (emergency management) program and the role that parents should play.

- Safety Alert 2012

- Safety Alert 2011


For Springdale Jr-Sr High School:

2013-2014 Student Handbook


For the Elementary Division:

2013-2014 Elementary Parent/Student Guide

Getting Ready for Kindergarten Series - A series of pamphlets dedicated to help parents get students ready for their Kindergarten Experience.
Preparing for Kindergarten: Tips for Reading with Your Child
Preparing for Kindergarten: Authors and Illustrators Everyone Should Know